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The small & micro business pathway to the WEB

Web Cards

Not every business needs a full-scale web site. Often, a single  page can be used to successfully identify the business or service.

A Web Card can fill the void between a Mini-Web or large website by providing a one of a kind single page representation of your business on the Internet. Its not an Entry Level Web site; its a permanent presence on the web that just might be all you need. Firstling Services (flserv.com) offers strategic hosting, co-locating your Web Card on our virtual server space which ultimately saves you money.

Plus, your Web Card can be upgraded and expanded as your needs grow.  A Web Card is a effective, economical first step to get your business on the Web.

Web Cards, as with all our Web services, are set-up to be easily crawled by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you have a small business, a Web Card might be the right tool for  you.  Contact Us so we can design a solution that matches your needs.


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